In the list of spells in the Player's Handbook, one of the level 5 paladin spells is "Destructive Smite". However, I can't find the spell description.

Where can I find the description of the "Destructive Smite" spell?


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Destructive Smite is most likely renamed to Destructive Wave, as it is also a 5th level spell, and has the same spell description as the spell Destructive Smite which was in the Alpha playtest.

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It should be listed as destructive wave, as corrected in errata.

The very first PHB errata in 2015 corrected the spell name in the paladin spell listing from destructive smite to destructive wave. The description of destructive wave appears on p. 231 of the PHB.

D&D 5e co-creator Mike Mearls had earlier confirmed that this was an error in a September 2014 tweet:

Destructive smite spell in paladin listing should refer to destructive wave in spell descriptions


Destructive Smite has been renamed into Destructive Wave, as far as I can tell.

This post by Brian Michaluk on the ENWorld forums should have the answer you are looking for. I cannot speak for reliability. The post states:

Is Damning Smite in? And what is it like now?

I dont see anything by that name but there are some smites as class features and some as spells.

uhh ohhhh I think I just found a typo in the book

lvl 5 paladin spell list "destructive smite" but in the spells list descriptions I only find "Destructive wave" which I think is what its supposed to be

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