I realise the title is somewhat ironic.

I have started playing a new game, it is exciting, well-paced, suspenseful; everything an rpg-er like me could ask for.

The issue is the description of, well, everything, is lacking. The GM is feeling a bit inferior in that respect. Some examples might be:

  • You are in the town square, with a large group of people in it, not too packed, but movement will be somewhat restricted
  • A short, gruff man answers the door. He only stands about waist-height and appears to be drunk.
  • You enter the clearing, The forest surrounds on all sides, save a gap in the trees opposite you. A web covers the ground with a hole in the middle that looks like a tunnel entrance

It's not that he's withholding information, he just doesn't have anything else to say.

He approached me about it, saying he wanted to improve on his story telling, and I gave him some advice, but I don't really have much experience in that area myself. What practices can he implement to try and boost him along to improving?


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Not to experienced with this myself, but what I try to do is close my eyes, picture the environment, and then describe it in under a minute. This should be enough to give a good setting for the PCs, I usually relegate 10-15 seconds for an npc and 45 for an npc of importance.


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