I understand the first feat granted by the Paladin Holy Tactician archetype's Tactical Acumen extraordinary ability must be a teamwork feat, but are the other feats it grants later under the same restriction, or can you choose any feat after the first?

Tactical Acumen

At 3rd level, a holy tactician gains a teamwork feat as a bonus feat. […] She gains an additional bonus feat for every four levels attained after 3rd, to a maximum of five bonus feats at 19th level. […]

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It would usually be called out in an ability like this if you could take non-Teamwork feats.

As written, you could argue that they don't have to be Teamwork feats, but I think it's pretty clear that the intent is that they must be Teamwork feats. A Tactician will rely on these bonus Teamwork feats, it wouldn't make sense to allow such a character to choose Skill Focus (for example) instead.

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