Mages in the new World of Darkness are able to manipulate reality to a fundamental level (depending on their depth of knowledge and abilities.)

Can a mage bestow a supernatural template on a normal human being, or remove a supernatural template that someone already has?

In other words: can a mage turn a normal person into a vampire, a werewolf, a mage (practically awakening a Sleeper), etc? And, in reverse, can a mage turn a vampire, a werewolf, etc back into a normal, ordinary human being? My guess is that yes, a mage is able to do this - question is, what Arcana and what level of power and knowledge allows it.

Am I right to suppose the above? (If so, where do I find the rules or implied rules for this?) If not, why not?

Please, cite official sources, if possible. (I'd be most interested in "non-god-machine" answers, since I'm still not really familiar with that edition.)


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You need to be an archmaster to do it.

Imperial Mysteries has the rules for it — it's a seven dot Arcana effect (p.35) and the Arcana required vary with the kind of supernatural and the degree of change required. Manipulating the vampire template requires Death, for example; werewolves require Life and Spirit, and to affect mages, you need both of their path's Ruling Arcana. (Changing a Mage from one path to another requires seven dots in all four Arcana -- a feat possible only at Gnosis 10.)

It is possible to Awaken a sleeper this way by granting them a path, but the book calls that a Wisdom 1 sin and says it's more likely to make a Banisher than a functional mage.

@Oxinabox points out that messing with greater templates attracts attention from hostile entities. That's true, too:

All supernatural beings with greater templates and some with lesser templates have sponsors in the Ascension War who actively prevent archmages from meddling with their agents. These entities will sometimes, if sought out and bargained with, permit an archmaster to transform a human into one of their charges, but strongly resist attempts to alter the powers of their creation. For example, rumor has it that archmages of Death have inflicted the curse of vampirism in the past, but no one has cured that curse except in legend and no one has ever undone the First Change of a werewolf.


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