Firstly, Pathfinder' rules as written are such that positive bonuses of the same type applied to an ability/skill/etc. do not stack, and that only the highest bonus applies (negative ones always stack). The implications of this are what I'm questioning, when they affect things that are tied together.

Example scenario:

The PC (let's call him Jimbo) is a Barbarian 1 / Cavalier 2 (Order of the Sword). Barbarians can rage, which grants Jimbo a +2 morale bonus to his strength and constitution ability modifiers. The Order of the Sword lets Jimbo add a morale bonus to attack rolls against the target of his challenge (here, it will be a +1).

Now, say that Jimbo is raging and has declared his challenge against a certain enemy. Because his attack modifier is affected by the morale bonus to his strength, is Jimbo unable to receive the +1 to his attack roll from his order's challenge ability?


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Jimbo would receive both the bonus from rage and from his challenge because although they are both morale bonuses, his rage only affects his ability scores whereas the challenge provides a straight +1 to hit. The whole similar bonuses not stacking does not care about incidentals like the fact the morale bonus to strength gives him +1 to hit and damage.

If he were to receive Bless, the +1 to hit would not stack but the +1 to saving throws against fear would still work.

If things did not stack as prescribed above, Inspire Courage would be of little use to a barbarian as they level up.


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