The art by Clyde Caldwell (identified in this question) that was featured on the cover of both the Genesis CRPG Warriors of Eternal Sun and the AD&D sourcebook The Book of Lairs is an excerpt from a larger poster.

Warriors of the Eternal Sun cover art. Fair Use rationale: the image is of low resolution, and is used with the sole purpose of identifying the artwork in the question. The quality of the question will be lower without it. AD&D The Book of Lairs cover.

I'm trying to track down an image of the full original painting. I know it exists because I once saw (a couple decades ago... OMG) the full poster in one of those huge "the art of AD&D-ish" coffee table art books, and even a picture of someone with the full artwork tattoed on his back.

Since the answer by @SevenSidedDie on the original question, I have searched to no avail for a digital or physical image of the original, so again, help a fellow AD&D geek out. Thanks.

Where can I find the full Clyde Caldwell artwork that appears on these covers?


This is, indeed, "Dragon's Lair" by Clyde Caldwell.

A full-page version of the painting (without any text superimposed) can be found on page 119 of The Art of Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Game (ISBN 0-88038-161-2)1. This book lists the original source as Dragon magazine #65.

The artist's gallery (NFSW) doesn't have a version, but you can find it online by searching for the name. Here's a photo that seems to be a collector who owns the original. As you can see, the Book of Lairs cover is pretty much the image, whereas the game box has been slightly cropped.

1 - It's a pretty decent art book overall if you like 80s-style D&D art like Jeff Easley and Larry Elmore. I've seen copies online for like $16. Be careful about buying "used" because the spine is incredibly fragile.


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