I got invited to a game of Scion, a system I never played before. I got some 500mb of PDFs so "I can prepare my character the next vew days". Since I can´t tell if I´m going to like it to an extend making it worth to dig myself through, I´d like to use a reasonable character someone else prepared. (not eliminating own preparations, but allowing some diagonal reading.)

Where can I get prepared Character/Hero for Scion? (All panteons mixed. If it matters, I usually play the sneaky sort of Character, Thiefs and alike.)


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The Scion Quickstart rules contains six pregenerated characters, starting on page 15.

This page says that Scion: Hero, Scion Companion, and Yazata: The Persian Gods also contain pregenerated characters. In addition, the description for Scion: Demigod mentions pregenerated characters. So if you have any of these PDFs, I would look in one of them.


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