I want to create a spell that can create a big wooden statue. The statue should not be basic and should be seen as a work of art.

As long as I want to create the exact same statue, this spell is simple to design: A CrHe spell Base 3 with a Size+1 modifier.

But... I wanna be able to create different statues with the same spell. Such as a man wielding a sword, or an old guy reading a book.

For now I have two leads:

In the Covenants supplement, it may fit in the Craft-Magic category. But Craft Magic is for Rego magic and not Creo. There is a sentence saying:

Creo magic draws on the realm of Forms to produce things, which are always at least roughly right.

I don't know how to apply it to Creo magic.

In the Corebook, there is an example explaining how to use Requisites.

Additional effects may not require a requisite if they are purely cosmetic. Thus, a spell that creates fire that looks like flaming skulls does not require an Imaginem requisite.
A spell that allowed the caster to choose how the fire looked would, because that flexibility is more than a cosmetic effect.

It would mean that I have to add an Imaginem requisite if I want to choose the shape. But would it mean that I don't have to do a Finesse Roll anymore?


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The answer you're looking for is partially found in HoH:Societates in the Jerbiton chapter, page 60, "the creation of beautiful things."

Your guidelines above are wrong, as they do not account for the difficulty. First:

When creating artificial objects, the same level of Finesse is required as when using Rego to make them from raw materials.

Thus, you can use CrHe to just make a wooden horse, (as a ritual because it requires the expenditure of Vis. Therefore you'll end up making lots of wooden horses.). This ritual will also have a very high finesse requirement because "To do what a mundane artist could do in a year adds +9 to the Ease Factor."

Unfortunately, HoH:S offers little guidance on making different things with the same spell.

We can also find guidelines in the last chapter of Art and Academe, the sourcebook par excellance. On Page 132, we have: "The Covenants supplement contains rules for creating mundane objects (page 49), specifically craft goods, which can be used when a magus creates a piece of artwork. In effect, the magus copies the work of an artist in an instant, using a Finesse roll to determine how successful he is."

Happily, on page 133, we have an example of the spell that you're looking for:

The Poet’s Bust

ReTe Level 5

R: Touch, D: Mom, T: Ind

This spell changes a block of stone into a carved bust. The caster must touch both the targeted stone block and the person who is the subject of the bust.

(Base 3, +1 for stone, +1 Touch)

and, pertinent to an Herbam ritual:

The Miniature of Immortality

CrHe(An)(Te) Level 20

R: Voice, D: Mom, T: Ind, Ritual

This spell creates a painted miniature of a person or scene within voice range of the caster. The picture is painted on a wooden panel, and the spell’s requisites include the required mineral-based pigments and the egg yolk necessary for binding the paint.

(Base 2, +2 Voice, + 2 requisites, +1 complexity: minimum level for ritual spell)

In short, there is no trivial way of making a "generic statue making spell." However, with a high enough finesse, you can make a generic "make a statue of that type" spell, as a function of ritual and complexity and finesse. The artisans of house Jerbiton, however, view rego as a far more effective art for this purpose, as it can mimic the tools of the artisan rather than replicating the full process of the artisan. Each spell, therefore, is far simpler, easier to cast (and master), and more versatile.

  • \$\begingroup\$ Thanks for the answer. The part on Societates really helped me to understand how Creo Magic can be used to do art. I think that I will change my spell to produce a big replica of an existing miniature. That way, I won't have to add a finesse roll and with let the art thing to someone else. \$\endgroup\$ Oct 23, 2014 at 23:11

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