Does anyone have advice for combining the underworld rules from Scion and Geist without the mechanics bumping into each other? Like a botched exorcism opening to a gate to Scion's Mictlan, or a Geist of some sort emerging out of Helheim? (These are only examples.)


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Having played Scion, I can tell you this much: there is a LOT missing from the Scion books. This is mechanically a nightmare, however it's great if you want to develop a good story.

Having never actually played Geist, my recommendation is to develop your own rules, however here's what I can tell you from Scion:

  • Death is not permanent in Scion
  • Scion World characters can restore the dead to life through underworld quests (I think there are god level charms that reverse death completely)
  • All Underworlds exist simultaneously in the Overworld, however I do not believe the books ever explain how this actually works - I have never seen an Overworld map for Scion (it may exist, but it's not in the books).
  • I do not believe the books directly explain how decisions are made for who goes where when they die. Most likely it is based on their faith - in that case it is up to the GM in a Scion game to determine where today's souls are going.
  • Manipulating ghosts and travelling to an Underworld falls under the Death purview, however there are some Psychopomp boons that can affect travel to/from anywhere in the Overworld
  • Somewhere in the books it is mentioned that the Titans are breaking into the Mortal World through cracks in the Underworld. This could be an interesting tie-in to your game.

Incorporating Scion Underworlds into Geist

  • Determine how decisions are made for who goes where when they die. This could be their faith, or it could be their ethnicity, whatever you decide.
  • Once you determine where a soul resides, use Geist rules to do whatever you need and incorporate the given Underworld for effect. If you want to go more in-depth with haggling for souls from gods and guardians, you could do that as well.

Incorporating Geist Rules into Scion

Scion already has (limited) methods of calling the dead and entering an Underworld through boons and relics. Any other Geist abilities would most likely be added Death/Psychopomp/Magic/Health purview boons or relic effects.

Hope this helps.


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