In Mortal Remains, on p124 it discusses Fiendish Flaws.

  • A tattoo-like glyph on the demon’s forearm that’s visible through clothing.

I presume this is a Demon the Descent thing, but searching for tattoo in the pdf hasn't helped me. What is it and where can I read more?


These are Glitches, specifically Brands, Glitches starts on p184 of Demon the Descent

Glitches can emerge from two primary sources: Primum and Cover. Changes in either of these qualities cause them manifest. Glitches fall into one of two categories: transient or permanent. Transient glitches last only a short while (as dictated by the demon’s Primum), while permanent ones endure indefinitely.

Causes of Transient Glitches

  • Succeeding on a compromise roll (optional)
  • Dramatic failure during Installation (p. 188)
  • Going loud (p. 195)
  • Use the demon’s “loud” Primum rating, 10, when determining the type, severity, and duration of this glitch.

Causes of Permanent Glitches

  • Primum increases or decreases
  • Failure or dramatic failure on a compromise roll (optional)

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