I haven’t played D&D before, or anything remotely like it. I’ve been invited to join a group of players by the DM, and I accepted because he’s a good friend, but now I’m unsure.

It’s come to the time where I have to create my character and back story. I’ve chosen to play a rogue, because (as an avid reader and video gamer) I’ve always enjoyed the rogue characters. But on the rest of it, I’m unsure. I had a look through the Player’s Handbook, and I think thief is a good choice, but I have no clue for everything else.

I guess this is the main question I have to ask the community:

What am I getting myself into, joining my first RPG group? I’m especially concerned whether novice girls are generally accepted by a group of experienced male players. I know at least two of the guys I’ll be playing with are rather difficult for girls to deal with and would like advice for dealing with that.


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