Can an agent running on a cyberdeck assist the decker via a teamwork test for relevant matrix actions?

Also, as cyberdecks can only run one copy of a program at a time, does this mean a deck can only run one agent-class program, or would you need two unique agents if you wanted to use two agents?


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On page 246 of the core, under the Agents heading, it says

An agent runs as a program and can use programs running on the same device as them.

Therefore even though it counts as its own entity it is still a program of a specific type. You can however have multiple different agent programs installed, but they cannot run simultaneously and requires a system reboot to switch since it counts as a persona. The section then goes on to state:

When an agent is running, it has its own persona (and icon). An agent is about as smart as a pilot program of the same rating (Pilot Programs, p. 269).

So to continue to explore that, the Pilot Programs section states that:

and When faced with something novel or unexpected, or a complicated command, a Pilot program must make a Device Rating x 2 Test

Therefore I would say that teamwork is possible with an agent, but you do so at a risk. If the target action has a high difficulty rating, the agent program might have to make a test just to attempt to help. With the right specific commands it can be prepared to help, but I imagine that would take some preset conditions to let it know when to pile on without trouble.


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