Is there a prestige class in D&D 3.x or Pathfinder which, at first level, grants Turn Undead or Rebuke Undead if you don't already have it?

I'm using Arcanist/Rainbow Servant. I need Turn/Rebuke undead to enter Radient Servant of Pelor, and I would rather take a Prestige class that increases my current caster level than take a level of Cleric...


For a rainbow servant into radiant servant of the burning hate, a 1 level sacred exorcist dip is your best bet.

The comprehensive forum post by widow says:

grants turn/rebuke undead - anything that grants turning generally stacks

  • Cleric 1
  • Paladin 4
  • Blackguard 3, ecl, command or rebuke only
  • Sacred Exorcist 1, ecl 8, Complete Divine, turn only
  • Ur-priest 2, ecl 7, Complete Divine, rebuke only
  • Divine Mind 4, Complete Divine, class variant (here)
  • Dread Necromancer 1, base class, Heroes of Horror, rebuke only
  • Death Delver 1, ecl 6, Heroes of Horror, rebuke only
  • Chameleon 3, ecl 8, Races of Destiny, see text
  • Master of Radiance 1, ecl 6, Libris Mortin, turn only - unclear whether you gain turning or if it only stacks
  • Tenebrous, vestige, ecl 7, Tome of Magic, unlimited use but see text
  • Knight of the Raven 3, ecl 7, Expedition to Castle Ravenloft
  • Apostle of Peace 1, ecl 8, Book of Exalted Deeds
  • Soldier of Light 1, ecl 6, Deities and Demigods
  • Deadgrim 1, ecl 6, Magic of Eberron - unclear whethero you gain turning or if it only stacks

levels stack for turn/rebuke undead (ie: requires turn/rebuke to qualify for the PrC)

  • Radiant Servant of Pelor, ecl 7, Complete Divine
  • Warpriest, ecl 6, Complete Divine
  • Eldritch Disciple, ecl 6, Complete Mage
  • Paragnostic Apostle, ecl 3?, Complete Champion
  • Ordained Champion, ecl 4, Complete Champion
  • Master of Shrouds, ecl 4, Libris Mortis - rebuke only
  • Sacred Purifier, Libris Mortis - turn only
  • True Necromancer, Libris Mortis - rebuke only
  • Purifier of the Hallowed Doctrine, ecl 6, Heroes of Horror - turn only
  • Death Delver, ecl 6, Heroes of Horror, rebuke only
  • Bone Knight, ecl 5, Eberron Five Nations, rebuke only
  • Deadgrim, ecl 6, Magic of Eberron
  • Eye of Horus-Re 1, ecl 7, Player's Guide to Faerun

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