I'm a guy that's never DMed before but I'm looking at doing so very soon (I will be DMing for about 5 players.) However, due to the amount of free time I have, I won't be able to create many of my own stories for my campaign. So I'm just wondering, which pre-planned campaign books should I buy in order for my campaign to continue running for up to 52 (a session each week for a year) sessions that last 2 hours each?

Thanks heaps.

I forgot to mention a few things, my bad. I don't mind about the price because I'm planning on D&D to be one of my primary hobbies. My players are casual but they won't mind difficult campaigns. The complexity of the story does not matter too much as long as it doesn't require a lot of time investment in order to be enjoyed. I don't want something like the Silmarillion. I would prefer something that's mostly relevant and/or interesting rather than just added information for the sake of realism and immersion. My players prefer fantasy but not by a significant margin; as long as the story is fun and interesting, they will like it.
The type of campaign we are looking for does not matter much, although, my two youngest players who are also my brothers (12 and 14) would prefer something that has a little more action but again, I don't think it would matter a lot.

Oh and I should add that I'll be playing online (Virtual Tabletop) so the amount of pieces needed will not matter.

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