How do you get out of the Hedge?

To quote the core rule book:

To escape the Hedge, a changeling either needs to find an active (not necessarily open) gateway, or find a suitable door, archway, mirror or what-have-you to make into a gateway.

What is an "active gateway"?


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  • Gateway: any door/arch/reflective surface; can be opened by spending a point of glamour
  • Active Gateway: a gateway that has been opened before. Can be reopened, either by spending a point of glamour, or by succeeding a Wyrd roll. Active gateways can be recognised/found from the hedge side (see below) or, if you have the Hedge Gate Sense Merit from Rites of Spring, from the mortal side as well.
  • Open Gateway: a gateway that is currently open. A gateway remains open for a number of turns equal to the Wyrd of the opening changeling after it has finished being used.

Leaving the hedge: You may leave the hedge though a Open gateway. This could be an active gateway found with some effort from inside the hedge (Wits + Investigation + Wyrd; see page 218 of Changeling: The Lost) which you then must open, either with glamour or a Wyrd roll.

Or it could be a new gateway — a reflective puddle, an arch of thorns, or if you are lucky, the hedge analogue of a door or arch that exists in the real world. If you open a new gateway, then it will dump you out somewhere around where you expect though some exit. (That's assuming you are where you think you are: see "navigating the hedge" on p. 219 of the CtL core.)


Gateways are places that you can move between the Hedge and other "realms", and being active means that it could be used. A active gateway could be used by anyone that finds their way into the Hedge, where an inactive one might have had its power drained, or possibly require a key.

To use the example of a door: If it is active, stepping through it would transport the person into the material realm. Alternatively, if it is inactive, stepping through that door would have no special effect.

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