Does a large creature (ogre) have reach with their weapons (club) or can they only hit opponents directly adjacent to them?

The Monster Manual says the ogre has a 5' reach. Does that mean it only reaches right next to it or is it an additional 5' for a total of a 10' reach?


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Check the stat block; it varies from creature to creature

Ogres have the standard 5-foot reach with their greatclub, and javelin if using it in melee, and can only attack melee targets within 5 feet. MM, p. 237.

Other creatures, typically larger than size Medium, may have melee attacks with greater than 5-foot reach, which is noted in their descriptions. (PHB, p. 195.)

For example: the Large-sized Pit Fiend has a mace with 10-foot reach. (MM, p. 77.)


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