I just discovered that there is a Runequest version of Strike Force 7! I've often seen Strike Force 7 for Spycraft or Savage Worlds and while I love the idea for that setting, I don't care for those systems enough to purchase it. My question is while I don't have Mongoose Runequest, I do have BRP gold book and the Chaosium RuneQuest3. Would those systems be close enough to use said Strike Force 7 without too much or any hassle?

(I guess this is a question about RQ3's compatibility with MRQ and/or any input on the Runequest version of Strike Force 7).


The BRP gold book is a good general start, and will provide the core of what you need, I personally find the percentile approach nice and easy to change to what I need across the various games.

Personally I'm not a fan of Strike Force 7 and it's overt caricature, but from my little experience of the supplement it provides plenty of content if that's what you're after. In terms of a more modern outlook that you can have a similar GI-Joe style adventure the Modern Equipment Catalog will be compatible with BRP and I think provide a much richer toolkit than Strike Force 7; seeming as you can take the equipment elsewhere.

If you are looking for a modern BRP-ish experience please look up A|State for a more Dark City tone, or for a more Sci-Fi bent even look into Fantasy Flight Games Warhammer 40k trilogy (Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader & Deathwatch) which is again percentile based.


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