The Wizards of the Coast Web site has some buried Dungeons and Dragons, Third Edition and 3.5 articles like this and this.1 The usual site's article categories omit some categories, especially regarding campaign settings (e.g. the Eberron columns Clockwork Wonders and Adventure Seeds) and, of course, standalone pieces (e.g. "New Magic Items," "Dead Life," "Donations and Interventions," "Ecology of a Dragon's Hoard"). And even the archives by year are incomplete (e.g. the article "Priest of the Moons Mage Hunter Prestige Class" is undoubtedly from shortly after the publication of Third Edition, but it isn't archived; unlisted for 2003 is the April Fools Web article "Fabulous Cats!").

Thus even if one clicked through the entire archive year by year, one would still miss stuff. That makes me sad.

Now that the game's two editions ago, is there a real list of, like, all the articles on the Wizards of the Coast Web site for Dungeons and Dragons, Third Edition and Dungeons and Dragons 3.5?

Note: A reasonable answer could include, for example, a more easily navigable and searchable mirror of the site, another site that has a more complete index, or another site with categorized lists of stuff on the Wizards of the Coast site like feats, magic items, and prestige classes. It would be helpful to know what the linked site does well and a summary of that site's resources. (It'll also avoid a link-only answer.)

It's possible an answer may include more-than-casual Web-browser functions (looking at a page's source or something... I lack the grammar)--and that's okay--but I really don't care about improving my overall browsing experience or anything and, instead, care only about information related to the single site.

This question is similar to, but, I think, different enough from, this question.

  1. Playing a caster? Get Raistlin's frog (1,000 gp; 0 lbs.). In fact, splurge and get two.
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There is a post at minmaxboards that is a "Guide to Free D&D" so it contains everything posted online by WotC, the SRD and much more in a very organized form.
I cannot know if it is 100% complete given the fact that even the official index on-site has issues but it certain is far easier to navigate and believe it fits your question.
EDIT: as a note thanks to @Mourdos, the link in the aforementioned page does not work as WotC made some changes to their site a while ago. They need to be accessed through an archive page, which the forum's op has provided right at the beginning.

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