My group is going through the Underdark top to bottom to get to Menzoberranzan. I'm looking for recommendations for Underdark themed modules - starting with near-the-surface (no- or lite-Drow) dungeon crawls, some exploring (the FeyDark?) and leading to heavy-Drow intrigue. An encounter with Lolth seems likely, after a few levels gained.

It's all new to me, and I haven't ready any of the novels - neither have my players. I've never ran anything in the Underdark or the Planes. I already own the 4E Underdark and Menzoberranzan source books - lots of material, but they are not modules. They will have a Drow guide with them, if that matters.

Ideal criteria (in rough order):

  1. Take place in, and heavily feature, the Underdark (Shallows, FeyDark and Menzoberranzan)
  2. D&D 4e (comparable 3rd Party modules welcome)
  3. Paragon Tier

Demon Queen's Enclave is an adventure set in a Drow settlement in the Underdark aimed to take characters from14th to 17th level. I've played through it as a player and found it was less railroaded than some other 4th Edition published adventures.

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