I recently began playing D&D for the first time in 30 years. Last I played, it was AD&D 1st edition. I am DM-ing my step son Gavin who is just now learning to play, his best friend Jackson, and Jackson's mom and dad. We're playing 5th edition rules in the lost mines of phandelver adventure module, and everyone is having a blast even though we've only just begun the Cragmaw cave in 2 sitting(it's slow going with 2 10 year olds learning the game)

Anyhoo - This weekend Jackson's parents are out of town and he's staying with us, and he and my Gavin want to play D&D, even though Jackson parents are gone (2 of the players). I decided to magically whisk their characters away for a side adventure, and whisk them back in time to continue LMOP.... So, I have one week, and need a great side adventure that will further hook my stepson and his best friend.

I'm looking for a fun, short (4 - 6 hours) adventure for levels 1-3, with some action and maybe some puzzle solving that I can get online. I don't care if it's an earlier edition, as I figure I can adjust the encounters to fit the current rules. I would prefer something not too complicated, as I only have 4 days to prepare, and I have to adjust it to 2 characters.


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