The pelt of the beast (15,600; 8 lbs.), among other effects, says that

The wearer may take the form of the animal from which the pelt came three times per day as if using beast shape I.

The spell beast shape I says that

When you cast this spell, you can assume the form of any Small or Medium creature of the animal type.

Animals from which the pelt can come include, among others, the Diminutive bat, the Large crocodile, the Tiny rat, the Large shark, the Large tiger, and the bear, which could be Large. (I've provided these animal links as likely animals; precise animals aren't described by the item.)

What happens when a creature uses pelt of the beast to assume the form of a creature that, because of that's creature's size, cannot normally be assumed using the spell beast shape I?

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Reading it literally, it says "as if" but overrules specifically what you can change into. So that means that if you pick a Bat, you will become Diminutive and if you picked a Crocodile you become Large.

However, you still only gain the listed abilities up to the speeds mentioned, even if the animal has better, and there are no changes to your stats for picking an animal that isn't Small or Medium, so in those cases you'd be stuck with your own statistics.

(a DM might rule that you get the Small bonuses if the Animal is less then Small and the Medium bonuses if the Animal is larger than Medium, but that would be the DM's call. It would also be fair to say that the change in Space/Reach is enough of an advantage already.)


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