Powers are divided into At-Will, Encounter, Utility, and Daily powers, which you gain at different levels.

At 12th level, my character (a blood mage) now has:

Soul Burn Blood Mage Utility 12 (Daily Arcane)
Minor Action / Personal
Effect: You spend a healing surge. Instead of regaining hit points, you regain one encounter power you have already used.

Does this apply to Utility powers that have the Encounter keyword? Or does it only apply to the Encounter powers gained at levels 1, 3, 7, etc.?


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Anything with the encounter usage type is valid for Soul Burn.

I think you are confusing a couple things which Wizards didn't do a very good job of explaining.

Powers are only divided into two types:

  • Attack: Powers which are used to damage or hinder others (mostly)
  • Utility: Everything else

Either of those types can have one of the three usage types that we are all familiar with:

  • At-Will
  • Encounter
  • Daily

This is all defined on pp89-91 of the Rules Compendium and p54 of the Player's Handbook.

Having defined all this the books then go around and refer to Encounter Powers and Daily Powers when what they really mean is Encounter Usage Type, etc. Usage Type wasn't strictly defined in the Player's Handbook so I guess they went with the shortened version.


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