When I was in high school, a long time ago, kids talked about their characters lasting and up-leveling for so long that they reached high enough levels to get to send them away to Wizards of the Coast for stamping as 'demi-god'. I'm not sure that's true. But, it suggests that back then, people kept their characters for quite a while.

I haven't really been in an RPG campaign since then. I want to get back into it. I'm looking forward to rolling a character, working him up the levels for the next 5 years or so, and ending up with a badass.

I've been trying to find out peoples' attitudes around how long they stick with their characters nowadays, and from the limited research I've been doing, it seems like characters these days are a disposable, one-campaign thing, at least in D&D.

Is that really the case these days? What's it like in D&D 5e? Do people tend to stick around with their characters for a while or replace them regularly? Will I have a chance of doing what I want to do with my character?

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