Just looking for names, actually. There's a bunch of nice ones in the rulebook, but I'm not clear on what the naming conventions are. They seem vaguely Aztec-myth-y in origin (Etzlitotec, Four Birds, The Engine of Fire), but I want a list of names specifically for the Mistaken rather than just a list of names from Aztec mythology. A fan created list is acceptable, as long as it is high quality. I'm looking for something analogous to the example name tables for PCs given on pages 120-129 of the rulebook.


As far as I know, there isn't one.

Etzlitotec means "blood goddess" in Nahuatl (the Aztec language) but she's not a real goddess.

Generally I name them:

  • Things from world mythology which are not already stars, ideally either slightly made up (as above) or not anything anyone worships. (Etzlitotec, Leviathan)
  • Descriptive names, which just say what the demon is (The hot wind of summer, four birds.)
  • Names of people from other games I've played.

(edit: Nahuatl is the language, Aztec is the empire. Oops.)

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