So, I think, any exposure to a Bane can cause frenzy roll (unless otherwise stated?), but it talks about starving, social and injury, where can I find rules for what exactly constitutes these things? is 1 bashing enough to cause a resist frenzy roll? what's starving? page references and quotations appreciated.


The rules for Frenzy, including a list of stimuli that can have an effect on the Resolve + Composure roll to resist, are on pages 103-105 of Vampire: The Requiem 2nd Edition. The list on page 104 says, "Under the right circumstances, any of these things could be a provocation to frenzy," so you can use that as a guideline tempered by Storyteller choice.

  • Being wounded (to any degree) is a slight provocation; being down to your last three boxes is a greater one.
  • "Starving" is described as having 2 or less vitae in your Blood Pool; "Hungry" is 4 or less.
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