I have a character with dragon wings and I would like to make a dramatic entrance with her in the game. Are there rules that specify whether wings can be hidden under a cloak? If so, where?

When I asked the DM he said he didn't know.

I'm also not sure if there are any restrictions to back items that would prevent wearing a cloak when you have wings.

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Sango Productions's answer provides sufficient RAW information. This answer is a bit more frivolous, and goes over the in-fiction reasoning our table used when this came up.

Bat Wings

We allowed bat-like wings to be concealed beneath cloaks (or even to be used as cloaks) on the basis that it looked pretty cool on Gargoyles:

Goliath in the rain, by vp1940

In real life, bats have very flexible wings (but not as flexible as the gargoyle above). With dragon wings being modeled on bat wings, this seems like a reasonable example to use.

This little guy could pretty easily hide his wings under his cloak:

Bat with wings folded

Although with his wrists that high it would probably be clear that he was hiding something (hunched back, armored shoulder-pads, back mounted weaponry, etc.), or that he had a very thick cloak.

Bird Wings

For bird-like wings, it's worth noting that while the typical representation of bird wings are quite large while folded:

X-Men's Angel

Actual birds can usually fold their wings quite close to their bodies, with their wrists not much higher than shoulder level:

Diving Cormorants

DM Buy-in

Of course, this all pre-supposes that the DM is okay with it and just looking for a reasonable explanation. There are plenty of reasons that this may not hold true in any given campaign:

  • The DM feels that dragon wings are more muscular / less flexible than bat / bird wings.

  • The DM feels that the square-cube law should be in effect, resulting in crazy-huge wings for humanoids.

On Cloaks

Since there does appear to be a bit of a vocabulary mixup for this word, here's what I mean by a cloak:

Ned Stark in a cloak

It is a subset of capes, designed to wrap entirely around the body when necessary.

It is distinct from a robe, in that it is open in the front and worn over other clothing.

It is distinct from a coat, in that it generally doesn't have sleeves.

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This is not something the rules declare, explicitly or implicitly. Trust me, I've tried looking through the rules for such a thing. This is a purely DM fiat thing. When I played a Winged Elf, my DM said that my wings' flexibility was based on Dexterity, and I could hide them under a robe at 16 Dex, and under clothes at 20.

EDIT: I was thinking robe, not cloak. Where I'm from they mean the same thing. I apologize. I don't think you could reasonably hide a 10 foot wing span (what winged elves have) behind a strip of cloth without it being obvious. Perhaps with much greater Dex?

EDIT AGAIN: OK, Robe and Cloak mean almost the same thing. God darn it! I was semi right then completely wrong. Erg! I just can never catch a break can I? Just you wait, they're going to change the definition on me.

However, no, it does not take up the back slot for having wings, by RAW. It's available to everyone, unless a specific rule where it describes the wings says otherwise (since specific > general).

There are rules on needing custom-made clothing and armor in order for it to fit properly (thus taking up to...50% more gp I believe it was), but that isn't really the question you're asking.

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