I'm a bit confused in part time gods about changing shapes. There are a few powers under the shaping manifestation skill that allow for this. But on the other hand there exists an animal form entitlement (some npcs have a shapechangingpower like dragons which looks more like an entitlement).

Sooo if I have a godling that can take on other forms for example the forms of people he met, or a dragons form would that be an entitlement (shapechange) or would that fall under the "Vessel" power of the shaping manifestation skill or could it be done both ways? (as a note there: Tehre is no need to gain additional abilities like claws that can cut through things. It's just optical shapechanging)

Related question in terms of the main confusion about shape changing powers: Does beast form entitlement include just mundane animals, or can you also change into things like dragons?



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