I'm setting up an online campaign using the Star Trek RPG by Last Unicorn Games. While going over the rules, I came across the following "Phaser Damage" table, and several things immediately stood out.

  • The damage doesn't progress very well, especially in comparison to the energy expenditure. The difference between power levels 4 and 5 is only 2 points of damage, but it costs 3 extra energy. The same goes for levels 7-8 (+5 power for only +2 damage).
  • There's a glaring error in the dice expressions. Power level 13 uses 18d6, but everything else from 11 up only uses 12d6. I'm 90% certain that's just a typo. (A typo that made it across two different rulebooks and a GM screen, but still a typo.)
  • The "Notes" section doesn't quite pan out. By the rules, a level 1 Stun shot will stun an average Human for 10 minutes. A level 3 Stun will knock out a Human for 30 minutes.
  • The difference between "Kill a humanoid" and "Vaporize a humanoid" is only 2 points of damage. (Incidentally, the level 7 setting will only wound a Klingon, and the level 8 setting will just incapacitate one. An average Klingon, never mind a tough one.)

Here's the chart, so you can see it for yourself. I already have some changes in mind, but I'd like to hear some suggestions first.

The question is, what changes would you suggest?

Setting             Damage   Chg  Notes
1 Light Stun        (2+2d6)   1   Stun a Human for 5 minutes
2 Medium Stun       (4+2d6)   2   Stun a Human for 15 minutes, or a Klingon for 5
3 Heavy Stun        (6+4d6)   3   Stun a Human for 1 hour, or a Klingon for 15 minutes
4 Light Thermal      8+2d6    5   Cut a 1m hole in 10cm of wood in 3 minutes
5 Heavy Thermal     10+2d6    8   Cut a 1m hole in 10cm of steel in 3 minutes
6 Light Disrupt A   12+3d6   12   Cut a 1m hole in 10cm of steel or rock in 30 seconds
7 Light Disrupt B   14+4d6   15   Kill a humanoid; cut a 1m hole in a duranium bulkead in 10 minutes
8 Light Disrupt C   16+4d6   20   Vaporize a humanoid
9 Light Disrupt D   24+5d6   30   Vaporize resilient alloys (beam ricochets possible)
10 Heavy Disrupt A  30+9d6   40   Vaporize any substance (beam ricochets likely)
11 Heavy Disrupt B  40+12d6  50   Explode 10 cubic meters of rock into rubble
12 Heavy Disrupt C  60+12d6  60   Explode 50 cubic meters of rock into rubble
13 Heavy Disrupt D  80+18d6  70   Explode 100 cubic meters of rock into rubble
14 Heavy Disrupt E 100+12d6  80   Explode 160 cubic meters of rock into rubble
15 Heavy Disrupt F 120+12d6  90   Explode 400 cubic meters of rock into rubble
16 Heavy Disrupt G 160+12d6  100  Explode 600 cubic meters of rock into rubble

To put the numbers above in perspective:

  • An average Human has 2 points of Resistance (which reduces all damage taken), and seven "Wound Levels" of 2 points each. An average Klingon has 5 Resistance, and nine Wound Levels of 5 points each. Thus, a Human has a total of 14 points of damage they can take before dying; Klingons can take 45.
  • The first three settings only do Stun damage. If someone takes enough Stun damage to 'fill' their first Wound Level, they are knocked out for 5 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes for each Wound Level filled. (Therefore, it takes a minimum of 4 points of damage to stun a Human, and 10 to stun a Klingon.)
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