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Is there a way for a human character to increase their life span by any significant amount?

I want to expand his lifespan because I want him to eventually raise a dragon, but I know that's way outside of a human's or even elf's lifetime. Fluff-wise, the human is also draconic, as in he has dragon blood, though I'm not planning yet on taking any bloodline stuff for this.

We're playing Pathfinder, though D&D 3.5e material is allowed. Preferably he should remain himself and human. (This includes not becoming an evil lich.)

Also, since this will change answers by A LOT. I am going to be the host of the group. Which means I have GM duty since I'm the only one of us who's read dnd/pathfinder books.

Sources allowed as I know currently for sure

Pathfinder: Core rulebook, ultimate combat, ultimate magic, ultimate equipment, advanced class guide.

3.5: complete arcane. Races of Eberron*. complete warrior. Complete Arcane. Complete mage. PHB 2. Draconomicon. Races of the dragon.

Also pertaining to him he's most likely going to be a magus


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Hire someone to cast reincarnate on you every few years.


The magic of the spell creates an entirely new young adult body for the soul to inhabit from the natural elements at hand


If the subject is 1st level, it takes 2 points of Constitution drain instead

Happily, restoration will fix you right up. And, presuming you have enough money (which you do, being a GMPC with a dragon), strategic self-murders will rotate you back up to human before you know it.

With that out of the way, what you're proposing is stupid. You're not only going to be a GMPC, but you're going to be a GMPC with a dragon. Don't. Do. This. Focus on running a small game with your friends. Run them through a dungeon crawl, be liberal with healing potions. Then, run another mini-campaign. Then, don't make a GMPC. Don't make a bazooka which carries its own bazooka.

Just focus all of your efforts on running the best game you can, for that will be more than difficult. Keep the scope low, iterate often, don't plan hugely elaborate things before playing. Just plan the next session.

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Briliant gameologists has a fairly informative handbook in becoming immortal for D&D 3.5e. Since you are the DM and willing to allow 3.5 material, you should be able to find something on it.


In Pathfinder If the character is a Wizard or has access to the wizard arcane discoveries there is one available at level 20:


Benefit: You discover a cure for aging, and from this point forward you take no penalty to your physical ability scores from advanced age. If you are already taking such penalties, they are removed at this time. This is an extraordinary ability.

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