The Battle Leader's Charge maneuver says you make a charge as part of the maneuver.

If a character has wings and is able to do a dive attack, can a dive attack (which "works as a charge") be done in place of a chage?


You can't ordinarily replace one action with another action that "works like" that action. A charge is one specific type of action, not a class of actions that all behave in similar ways. In other words, charge and dive attack share similar mechanics, but they are not interchangeable in the RAW.

The Battle Leader's Charge ability specifically states that you may perform a charge, and not a more generic term such as "you can use a charge-like attack", which would allow GM interpretation for additional maneuvers that share charge mechanics, but are not actually a charge (either core material or any additional material as might be available).


Looking further into this, there is a clarification to the rules that actually does specify such an attack as a "diving charge," which ergo, does mean the attack would be compatible with Battle Leader's Charge:


Flying creatures can use the charge action. A flying charge must be in straight line and most cover at least 10 feet (2 squares). A flyer can charge while diving, but not while gaining more than 5 feet altitude (unless the flyer has perfect maneuverability and can climb without losing speed).

If a flyer makes a diving charge of at least 30 feet (6 squares) and also loses 10 feet of altitude or more, it can attack only with a claw or with a piercing or slashing weapon. These attacks, however, deal double damage. --Rules of the Game, All About Movement, Part 5.

(Original spelling preserved.)

I've left the original answer above, because it's applicable in other contexts, but the Rules of the Game quote definitely allows a dive attack (assuming you do fly at least 30' and descend at least 10') for double damage in this case, and you can also use a normal charge while in the air (and still gain the +10 damage).

It's exceptionally unfortunate that the core books (and even the online reference material) haven't been updated with these clarifications that I could tell.

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    \$\begingroup\$ I thought dive attacks were supposed to count as a charge for literally everything. It makes sense, since you are charging, but using gravity in your favor. \$\endgroup\$ – Jean-Luc Nacif Coelho Apr 19 '15 at 20:51
  • \$\begingroup\$ WotC has never been accused of always having the best wording in their books. This doesn't "work like" it "works EXACTLY like" a charge with the few noted exeptions. That slight difference in wording I think makes a huge difference In reading. \$\endgroup\$ – Ben-Jamin Apr 19 '15 at 22:37
  • \$\begingroup\$ It obviously doesn't work EXACTLY like a charge because it has other restrictions. The question here is if it COUNTS as a charge. \$\endgroup\$ – Jean-Luc Nacif Coelho Apr 19 '15 at 22:47
  • \$\begingroup\$ I was curious, so I went about looking for errata. It was non-trivial to find, but I think that this sufficiently clarifies the situation. \$\endgroup\$ – phyrfox Apr 19 '15 at 23:17
  • \$\begingroup\$ +1 for corrections. Also, @Jean-LucNacifCoelho, I was quoting the SRD saying "exactly" & stated with the few noted exceptions (mentioned in the dive section of SRD) \$\endgroup\$ – Ben-Jamin Apr 20 '15 at 0:37

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