I'm looking for some help with a character build for an upcoming pirate-themed Pathfinder game, which will probably run using the 'Epic 6th' rules.

I'm looking for suggestions to help ensure that the character is at least moderately combat-functional, while staying within the guidelines of the theme. The 1st level power of the Water domain will probably be the character's primary ranged attack, but suggestions are certainly welcome.

1) Is the build as it stands actually capable of standing its own in combat? How could it be improved? The build's AC is pretty abysmal at this point (10-14) depending on armor and final stat choices.

2) Would the tradeoff of taking a single level of Monk early (1st or 2nd level) be worth what I'd lose from the 6th level of Druid, or would it be better to go with the Heirloom Weapon trait, and if so what aquatic/ship themed weapon would you suggest?

3) If not Heirloom Weapon, which of the other traits (listed below) would be most helpful? (Or have I missed one that would be better suited for the theme?)

4) What is the best way to improve the abysmal AC I seem to be hitting. (12 without armor, 14 with leather

Note: I'm completely willing to sacrifice the animal-oriented aspects of the druid (wild shape, wild empathy, etc.) for the build, since it's so far from the concept that it isn't even on the radar.

The Theme

I'm thinking an air/water/weather themed caster who is an apprentice 'windfinder' (a ship's mage whose job it is to ensure/enhance/enable favorable wind/weather for the ship's journey). So far, it looks like the Druid has the best spell list for this theme, so I'm looking at an Undine Druid (Undine Adept archetype) with the Water domain, taking the Hydrated Vitality racial trait (maybe the Deepsight as well).


For attributes, I'm strongly stressing Wisdom, but Dexterity will be necessary to ensure a practical AC, so: Str 8 or 10; Dex 15 or 13; Con 10; Int 12; Wis 18; Cha 10

Feat Selection

Concept-wise, I'm thinking a monk-like tradition (the idea started mostly because none of the druid weapons seem to fit the theme), so I'm trying to keep the build at least moderately effective unarmed.

My current plan for feats is as follows (in order from 1st level): Improved Unarmed Strike, Weapon Finesse, Bleeding Attack or Domain Strike. The focus here is to ensure basic competence should someone manage to close the distance. (I'm debating about taking a level of Monk at 2nd level to better empower the concept, especially since an epic 6th campaign will mitigate the otherwise huge power mismatch later in the game.)

Background Traits

These are the traits I've found that seem to fit with the theme. I'm pretty set on Marid's Fury, but can't decide between Natural Born Sailor, or Storm-Touched, and Heirloom Weapon might be better than either to help the build in combat.

Heirloom Weapon - This would get around the weapon proficiency limitations of a druid, but nothing is particularly striking me. (Recommendations could change that.)

Marid’s Fury (Undine) - hydraulic push spell-like ability can extinguish magical fires.

Natural Born Sailor (Skull & Shackles)

Storm-Touched - DR 1/- against creatures and attacks with the electricity type.

Thematic Spell List

Snipped for brevity.


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