As per title. My character has Broken wrist moderate consequence and after appropriate time and a successful roll to heal wants to rename that to Forearm in splints. Would the consequence become mild after it is renamed?

It seems to make sense that if healing has started, the consequence is not as problematic as when I got it. Also, it seems to be easier to care about an arm in a cast than a floppy one. Also, I've heard that some groups require more than one roll to recover from moderate and severe consequences.

With the above in mind, if I my character has Axe lodged in cranium as severe consequence and succeeds at +6 roll to rename that to Underwent neurosurgery, would that renamed one occupy Moderate or still Severe consequence? Would I later have to rename that to Bandaged head and go through a total of 3 rolls to remove it completely? What difficulty would I roll against in each iteration?

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    \$\begingroup\$ If you rename "torture" to "enhanced interrogation" that makes everything better. \$\endgroup\$ May 1 '15 at 22:53


You do not free up the more severe consequence slot just because you start to recover. There is a time to wait once recovery has begun that is part of what makes it a consequence.

From the SRD (emphasis mine):

If you succeed at the recovery action, or someone else succeeds on a recovery action for you, you get to rename the consequence aspect to show that it’s in recovery. So, for example, Broken Leg could become Stuck in a Cast, Scandalized could become Damage Control, and so on. This doesn’t free up the consequence slot, but it serves as an indicator that you’re recovering, and it changes the ways the aspect’s going to be used while it remains.

Whether you change the consequence’s name or not—and sometimes it might not make sense to do so—mark it with a star so that everyone remembers that recovery has started.

Then, you just have to wait the time.


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