At-wills you get from racial traits can't be augmented. So a Half-Elf's dilettante power can't be augmented, even if it's psionic.

But a half-elf who takes the Half-Elf Polymath Paragon Path (Dragon magazine #385, pg.69) gets to pick up an at-will as one of the Paragon Path's features -- not as a racial trait.

If that at-will has augmentations, are they usable?


TL;DR: Paragon Paths aren't racial traits so you can use the augmentations but only if you have access to Power Points.

Paragon Paths are a separate feature from racial traits and even class features, as stated on page 53 of the Player's Handbook:

Path Features: Every paragon path grants you specific path features, which are similar in nature to the features you gain from your class.

Given that racial paragon paths weren't introduced until the second Player's Handbook, I think it stands to reason that this also applies to them.
Therefore you aren't restricted by the "racial traits can't be augmented" rule.

However, there is another (potential) problem.

From page 115 of the Rules Compendium:

A power that has the augmentable keyword has optional augmentations, which a character can use at the cost of power points. Only certain characters have power points, usually as a result of their class. [...]

[...] The creature must spend the required power points when it decides to use the augmentation

So unless you are already a psionic class or you multiclass into one you wouldn't be unable to use the augmentations because you don't have the power points to spend on them.


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