I've played quite a bit of the original version but I'm skeptical about buying an updated copy.

I know there is a change to the way ties are resolved during a Complication, but I don't know the details. How does that work now? What else?


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Quoting from the Forge:

Edge Dice are in the game but the crazy math part is gone. Now, if you roll a tie in a Complication, whoever had the highest sum adds an Edge Die to their pool and you reroll. For purposes of determining Bonus Coins the Edge Die counts just like a regular die instead of adding its total seperately.

That's the only real rule change, per se.

I did completely rewrite the Complications chapter to tighten down how things actually get done in a complication and make it more in line with how I actually play it. Whether or not that will seem like a rules change depends on how closely your style of running Complications matched mine.

The art is unchanged, so yep the Slytheran Doom Cannon are still on their way to visit some whoop ass on Meadow village.


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