First time post here. I have been running a game for over a year and a half now and am on technically my 3rd campaign. I am trying to introduce more visual elements to the table that would not be expensive miniatures. I came across this photo posted in another question -((What are some alternatives to using miniatures for games that require them?)) but because of the way this site is set up I couldn't directly ask the person who posted it - Being new to this. So I thought I would cast my net a little wider -

enter image description here

Printing color transparencies like this would be a fantastic and perfect solution for me and I was wondering if anyone knew where to find or purchase top down image files like this - or do these not really exist?

I do not know where else to look - I feel like this could easily be a real photo or concept one and ANY help with this will be immensely appreciated.


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These are called "tokens" (sometimes "creature tokens" or "monster tokens") and are widely available in PDF at all fine purveyors of roleplaying games PDFs, such as RPGNow. Normally these are used with virtual tabletop software or printed onto card stock and cut out for use on a real tabletop, but if you have access to an appropriate printer and transparent stock, you can certainly print them on transparencies.


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