I once was a D&D 3.5 player for about a year, and I was playing a dwarf fighter, but I needed to take a break. Now I'm returning, but I need to make a new character. The DM says to make a 9th level character.

I want to make an axe-dwarf "tank" that can keep up with the rest of my party with 12k gp for equipment. There aren't any forbidden books, but I would like a relatively simpler build without any prestige classes (remember, I've only played the game for a year and English isn't my first language.)

The rest of my party is a Barbarian, Cleric, Wizard, Rogue, and a Rogue/Fighter/something (I know it as a swordmaster, but I don't think that's the prestige class's real name).


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Your best bet, without prestige classes but a focus with a dwarven axe is a crusader or warblade. They are great single classed melee fighters that can keep up and are interesting to play.

For resources, take a look at the tome of battle for dummies.

For a Level 9 Dwarf... who desires to tank, go with Crusader: they can keep themselves alive and functional for an astonishing time.

For a recommended build, go with the Stomguard Crusader here:

This build is a good example of a leap-frogging pattern, acquiring Thicket of Blades as fast as possible before alternating between 2 Crusader levels and additional Warblade levels to allow for cherry picking of maneuvers.

It sacrifices the Improved Trip of the pure Crusader build and a slightly slowed maneuver progression so as to add in a smattering of useful warblade maneuvers and the powerful Stormguard Warrior feat. This feat is added on the existing Crusader strategy of pinning down your opponent and then creating a lose-lose situation for them - any attacks they provoke from Robilar's Gambit can now be sacrificed for bonuses to attacks and damage with Channel the Storm. Furthermore, you can spend a round charging up Combat Rhythm and then use Stand Still to prevent an opponent moving away from you - virtually guaranteeing that they will be on the receiving end of the hefty bonuses you're accumulated.

Put simply, compared to the straight Crusader build it trades a small amount of battlefield control capability for a significant increase in damage dealing ability.

Details of the build are in the post, but the heart is a Crusader 8 / Warblade 1 with powers chosen to beat people down and take a beating.

From here, we can reference the Crusader Handbook, which recommends a greatsword or falchion. And has a large list of enchantments to make spending your 12,000 gp (which is one third of what you should have -- this is really going to hurt. Ask your gm to reset it to the appropriate 36k) easier.

Alternatively, you could just go with a level 9 dwarf cleric designed to beat peoples' faces in (and not heal at all.) With the appropriate self buffs like divine power makes you absolutely amazing. With that said, a dwarven cleric would get significant mileage out of ordained champion, so... you may have to relax your rule on prestige classes here.


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