In second edition AD&D,

The only weapons I can find that are explicitly stated to be two-handed weapons are a two-handed sword and a (two handed) bastard sword, which can also be used one-handed.

But every other weapon that I can see doesn't specify.

What about a Battle Axe or a War hammer? They sound like they could be used two-handed. And if not, are there no other two-handed weapons in existence?

weapon chart 1 weapon chart 2


Handedness is based on the size of the weapon compared to the size of the character. Same size and smaller requires 1 hand, one size larger requires 2 and 2 sizes larger cannot be wielded.

If it's large and you are size medium then the weapon requires two hands.


Chapter 6 on Weapons on Weapon Size says that

A character can always wield a weapon equal to his own size or less. Normally this requires only one hand, except for some missile weapons.... A character can also use a weapon one size greater than himself, although it must be gripped with two hands. (Player's Handbook (1995) 96)

Thus, for example, a Medium creature using a trident must use that trident in two hands.


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