I was running a game and one of my players (a brawler) was going to have troubles getting over a wall so they wanted to get their grappling hook out. They wanted to use quick draw to get it out, but as it wasn't a weapon I treated it like a wand so that it wasn't usable with quick draw. It will also matter where he will be keeping it from now on.

Now the grappling hook is actually listed under the exotic ranged weapons list and then redirects you into the equipment. At the time I didn't know it was actually listed as a weapon.

Since it is listed as a weapon, does that mean that it can actually be used with quick draw? This also implies that they should take negatives by not being proficient, or would the throw anything feat cover this?

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On the page Locks, Keys, Tools, and Kits, we see that:

Throwing a grappling hook requires a ranged attack roll, treating the hook as a thrown weapon with a range increment of 10 feet. Objects with ample places to catch the hook have an AC of 5. Source (PFSRD), emphasis mine)

So, therefore, Grappling hooks may be Quick Drawn.

(But is the rope already tied to the hook?)

Without house-ruling, your player would have to be Mythic in order to draw any item:

Quick Draw (Mythic)
You can use Quick Draw to draw items of any kind, not just weapons, provided they are stored or concealed on your person. As a move action, you can expend one use of mythic power to retrieve up to two hidden items. You must have two hands free to do so. Source (PFSRD)


A grappling hook is treated as a thrown weapon. So it can be Quick Drawn, but the Throw Anything feat doesn't cover this since it isn't an improvised throwing weapon.

The grappling hook exotic weapon is a different kind of weapon, since this has a different price than the normal adventuring hook. The Throw Anything feat still doesn't apply.

To see for yourself:
The grappling hook weapon
The grappling hook tool
(For easier searching: ctrl+f and type in "grappling hook".)

EDIT: Posted before the question got edited.

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All physical items can be used as improvised weapons, and thus can be quickdrawn. There is a mythic upgrade that lets you do this without treating them as an improvised weapon, but this 'upgrade' is redundant and doesn't actually do anything. You can quick draw a grapple hook, as well as a rope, wand, boot, potion bottle, arrow, or really anything else.


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