Recently, over a text-chat session, my game master ran through a process of detailing my character's history, using a product she never named. My GM is currently unavailable to me, so I cannot simply ask her what the product was.

The product was apparently a number of random tables, detailing things like ('you' refers to your character):

  • The status of your parents (both alive, one dead, both dead) (a roll of 3 from 1d4 resulted in my mother being dead, but my father still being alive.)
  • If your parents remarried (1d6=3 Mother had previously left my character's father and remarried)
  • How many siblings you have, and their relative age to you (1d12=6 2 younger siblings)
  • Your romantic relationships (are you in a relationship) (1d6=6 some variant of me being in a relationship but unfaithful)
  • If you have children (1d4=3 I have 2 children)
  • Your family's status (are they criminals? bankers?) (1d20=9 family is one of bankers)
  • How you dress yourself (1d20=4 fancy or formal wear)
  • 'Notable items of wear' (see the image)
  • How people would describe you (1d20=9 'Easy going')
  • Your education (1d10=7 Privately tutored)
  • Sources of secondary income (1d20=19 'Work agent' whatever that means, =5 independently wealthy)
  • The languages you speak, and your level of literacy (1d20=15, 2d6=3,6 speak+read 2 non-common languages, speak common with an accent, illiterate in common)
  • Your personality (1d100=60 "mean")
  • Secrets in your character history (1d100=95: secret: left to die)
  • The sound of your voice

The only actual table I have an image of

The setting we are playing in is a custom fantasy setting, using Dungeon World for rules. I have no idea if it is a Dungeon World product, a product for another system, or a generic product.

The image I referenced was an area-capture from a scan of the page. I don't know if my GM had scanned the entire book, or just that page, but she sent me that image (she actually sent me the imgur link that I embedded in this question).

I managed to find someone with a copy of Central Casting: Heroes of Legend (first and second editions, amazingly), and I am positive that it is not that book.


My GM finally got up and around some today. The book is called Background & Details Kit by Ennead Games


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