I am playing a Kineticist from the Occult Adventures Playtest, and am looking for a specific effect to help with the Burn class feature: the ability to take nonlethal damage up to my maximum HP, rather than current HP, before losing consciousness.

This feature is available to the Medium class, also in the Occult Adventures Playtest, through the Neutral Constitution spirit called "The Teamster". The Greater Spirit Power for this spirit is called "Knife's Edge", and is worded as follows:

Knife’s Edge (Greater, Su): Double your Constitution score before adding the Teamster’s spirit bonus to determine when hit point damage kills you. If you are not immune to nonlethal damage, when you are at 0 hit points or below, convert the first 5 points of damage you take from each attack to nonlethal damage. You are not knocked unconscious by nonlethal damage unless you have as many points of nonlethal damage as your maximum hit points, rather than your current hit points. (Emphasis Mine)

But, because the Greater Spirit Power is a 13th level Medium class feature, it would be a very long wait for multi-classing (Unless Variant MultiClassing somehow allows it to work) just for that benefit. This is why I'm looking for something that doesn't require a lot of investment in another class (Though I am fine with a heavy feat or gold investment.)

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An Imperfect Solution:

So, it's not as tidy as the Teamster's implementation, but I think I've found a somewhat quick and dirty solution to this problem.

I found a 7th level feat called Flagellant:

Prerequisite(s): Endurance, character level 7th, worshiper of Zon-Kuthon.

Benefit(s): You gain a +4 bonus on saving throws against pain effects. Also, you suffer no adverse effect when your nonlethal damage equals your current hit points, and you become staggered when your nonlethal damage exceeds your current hit points. You never fall unconscious due to nonlethal damage.

Normal: When your nonlethal damage equals your current hit points, you become staggered. When your nonlethal damage exceeds your current hit points, you fall unconscious.

This at least removes the problem of dropping unconscious due to non-lethal damage. The downsides are the staggered effect, and the fact that you must worship Zon-Kuthon (PFSRD is unable to use the name for legal reasons.)

To counter the staggered effect, there is a ring called the Ring of Ferocious Action:

This ring allows its wearer to persevere through physical or mental trauma that hampers his actions. The ring has 5 charges, which are renewed each day. At the start of his turn, if the wearer is staggered, as a free action he may spend a charge to activate the ring and ignore the staggered condition until his next turn.

At 3000gp a pop, someone could buy a couple of those rings, and use them as an absolute last resort. Not exactly what I'd like, but I have a feeling it's the easiest way, and while being staggered is a less than ideal condition, it's 100% better than unconscious.

Until I find another item, a spell, or a feat that allows you to ignore the staggered condition, this seems to be my best option.

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