Okay, so here is the situation. I have a lvl 4 Rogue/lvl 3 Fighter/lvl 2 Shadowblade character, which is all fine and well. But I am curious if I can take my next level in Rogue or Fighter or if, having taken the Shadow Blade prestige class, I am locked into either leveling that class or taking another Prestige Class.

I haven't found anything that says I can't level the base classes, but I seem to remember a past DM telling me that I couldn't. So is that the case, or was that specific to that DM, and not really the case?

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It's totally legit for a fighter 3/rogue 4/shadowblade 2 to take that next level as fighter, rogue, or shadowblade

Generally, after taking one or more levels in any class—base or prestige—, a character can take levels in any classes for which he meets the requirements and that he isn't barred from entering or continuing (e.g. taking one or more levels of monk or paladin then taking one or more levels of not-monk or not-paladin usually prohibits a character from taking more levels of monk or paladin—ways to bypass even these restrictions exist, though).

Specific classes (including some monster classes) may have prohibitions against multiclassing so freely, but these edge cases will spell out these differences in their descriptions.

That previous DM had made a house rule.


The past DM was wrong. A prestige class is simply a class with prerequisites to attain.

The past DM was likely seeing prestige classes as a hard upgrade based on old games like the Shining Force series where once made, the choice could not be reverted. This is obviously incorrect as many prestige classes only have 5 to 10 levels, which means a character would have to take something else if they hadn't reached 20 (or beyond if you're using epic).

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  • \$\begingroup\$ There are no ability-score requirements for base classes. In fact, the only requirements that exist for any base classes (and then, only a few of them) are alignment requirements. You can make a Wis 8 cleric; I even have, on a few occasions. Sean K. Reynolds notoriously ran an Int 12 wizard in the official 3.5 playtest (and they wonder why they didn’t recognize that the class was overpowered). \$\endgroup\$
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You're all set to go

As a Rogue 4/Fighter 3/Shadowblade 2 you can level up any of the three classes at any point you want to, if you wanted to level up Rogue, Fighter, or Shadowblade you'd be free to do so as long as you didn't lose any of the prerequisites for the prestige class.

The only time in which you wouldn't be able to advance a class anymore is in instances where you're leveling a class that no longer allows for advancement once you stop taking levels in it and take a level in something else. Which in most cases as far as I know is limited to Monk.

A monk who gains a new class or (if already multiclass) raises another class by a level may never again raise her monk level, though she retains all her monk abilities.


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