So there's this feat from Monster Manual V that I don't think any creature except the text's three hobgoblin casters have ever taken.1 Here it is.

Battle Magic Tactics

Through intense training and impeccable timing, you and your allies learn to augment each other’s magical attacks when you focus your efforts on a single target.
Prerequisites: Spellcraft 6 ranks, arcane caster level 3rd.
Benefit: Each time you cast a spell that requires the target to make a saving throw, that target gains a Battle Magic Tactics token after the spell resolves. A creature gains a token whether the save succeeds or fails, but a creature that avoids a spell through spell resistance does not gain a token. Each Battle Magic Tactics token imposes a cumulative −1 penalty on saving throws against the spells of spellcasters that have this feat. At the end of each round, all Battle Magic Tactics tokens disappear. (84)

As a thought exercise, let's say the DM is an absurd literalist and reads the feat to mean that its benefit causes the affected creature, however briefly, to gain physical possession of an actual object.2

Here's the question: Is there a class or creature special ability, magic item, spell, or other effect or combination of effects that can somehow optimize or weaponize this token-granting ability? That is, if a physical token is actually gained by the affected creature, is there a way to harm, help, or hinder the affected creature based on the caster having given the creature this according-to-the-wacky-DM now-physical token?

1 My apologizes if I've underestimated this feat's rarity, and kudos to you if you've had a PC who took this feat and it was somehow effective. I can imagine a group of low-level casters (kobold sorcerers, perhaps) taking this feat and focus-firing their spells on a high-level foe so that their spells will be effective. That's a good use of the feat, I guess. But I think I'd still just give 'em all the feat Spell Focus.
2 Note that I know that the token the creature gains from the feat is supposed to be a metagame construct used solely for tracking the affected creature's saving throw penalty not, like, an actual, for-reals Chuck E. Cheese token that says −1 penalty on saving throws or whatever. You needn't convince me otherwise. So don't get hung up on that.

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Spellcasters could have some fun with this, I believe. It wouldn't be "optimal" but could be some vulgar displays of power, manipulation, and crowd controlling. The following list is some of the ways I could foresee my mischevious spellcasters in toying around with my enemeies:

  • There is a spell that specifically mentions tokens, but it is a 5th level Wizard spell.

    Refusal (Spell Compendium, p. 171)

    You create a special ward that prevents unauthorized spellcasters or creatures with spell-like abilities from entering an area.

    You can choose to designate a password or special condition (such as character race, alignment, possession of a token, or any other observable or detectable characteristic) by which spellcasting characters and creatures can enter the refusal-warded area.

    In this case, "Creatures Possessing Battle Magic Tactic Tokens Can't Enter Area X," albeit not a weaponizing effect would still be a debilitating effect.

    Finding a way to cast Shrink Item on the token could possibly even make the creature not even realize he has it, or it would be so small he would have to spend actions to make a Search check to find it in order to rid himself of it.

  • There is a spell that could turn the tokens into objects of desire and greed, and create more tokens for enemies to fight each other over, but its a 2nd Bard/3rd Wizard spell.

    Miser's Envy (Spell Compendium, p. 142)

    When you cast this spell, you designate a target creature and specify an object, both of which must be within the spell’s range. If the target creature fails its saving throw, it becomes consumed by a powerful desire for the object

    Once the creature gains possession of the object, it protects the item greedily, attacking anyone who approaches within 30 feet or who otherwise appears to be trying to take the object away.

    And there is a -4 penalty against dragons for this spell. Dragons and dragonkin could all be fighting each other over each other's tokens - that are all debuffing them in the process. Imagine those pesky kobolds...

  • Any other spell that could affect objects that could be debilitating; Darkness, Silence, and etc. could be effective. Casting Invisibility on the token could be a hilarious way of the creature not finding the token to get rid of it.

  • Spell research into the opposite of Shrink Item could perhaps encumber the creature, especially if he has enough of the tokens in possession, or at least be such a sizeable nuisance he would have to waste actions dealing with them.


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