I'm doing a campaign in 5e and I'm going to be bringing my PC's into 'The Forgotten Terror' scenario from the Ruby of Aggarath (Dagger, not domain.) It will have my own spin on it and rules will be altered for play in 5E of course.

I just need some more information of Maleffluent. If my PC's do indeed take the axe then one of them will be cursed and I wanted to make it a big deal. They should want to get rid of it. I saw in a piece of lore that Maleffluent is a Tanar'ri demon and can be banished at the ruins of Myth Drannor where he was imprisoned to begin with, in which case I could run the Ruins of Myth Drannor Campaign and embed it in there.

If anyone has any information on Maleffluent or knows where I can find the lore it would be greatly appreciated.


AFAICT, the only official mentions of Maleffluent are in the 2E modules Castle Spulzeer (TSR-9544) and The Forgotten Terror (TSR-9537). The rest appears to be fan-made content. Therefore:

  • bad news: you have to make it up yourself (or borrow from someone else).
  • good news: you get to make it up yourself (or borrow from someone else).
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