"Outside of Fate" is something that is often mentioned in Exalted.

However, while I can find fluff about it, I couldn't find much mechanical information. Currently, I only found the following:

  • Resistance to Charms with the Fate keyword
  • Immune to Astrology
  • Difficult to track

Is that it? Or are there other mechanical differences?

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    \$\begingroup\$ A lot of it is in the Manual of Exalted Powers: The Sidereals, but yeah, random other things scattered in the Yu-Shan book, Rolls of Glorous Powers, etc. \$\endgroup\$
    – Cthos
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That's about all that's explicitly stated but you can draw some mechanical implications from the fluff.

Things without a Fate (Fair Folk, Undead, Autochthonians, some Yozi and Infernals, Etc.) seriously mess with the Loom when they interact with Creation. They cannot be seen with divination or other attempts to predict the future and any prophesy goes of the rails as soon as something Fateless gets involved. Butterfly effect style.


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