In Traveller (GDW: 1981 printing) if I sustain a wound in combat but am conscious at the end of combat, how and when do those wounds recover? P.34 of "Characters and Combat" details how and when unconscious characters recover from wounds, but it says nothing about a character who never becomes unconscious.


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Someone pointed me to these errata, which includes the following:

Page 34, Wounding and Death, fourth paragraph (clarification and addition): Characters who are wounded when a combat ends but never go unconscious (because no characteristic ever is reduced to zero) have their characteristics reset to halfway between the wounded and full strength values (round fractional characteristics down).

The individual is considered to have sustained minor wounds. For example, a character with a strength of 8 who is wounded to a strength of 4 (and remains conscious throughout the combat) becomes strength 6 at the end of the combat and remains so until recovered. A return to full strength for the character requires medical attention (30 minutes with a medical kit and an individual with at least medical-1 skill) or three days of rest.

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Per the rules as written, minor wounds do NOT recover any points at all until treated. So, until treated, or 3 days have passed, no recovery happens at all; once either has happened, they're returned to full.

Minor Wounds

Any wound points applied to a character which do not reduce more than one physical characteristic to zero are considered minor wounds. The character is treated as having the reduced characteristics until medical care or recovery has taken place. (Starter Traveller Book 2, p9)


Minor Wounds: Minor wounds require a medical kit, skill of medical-I, and thirty minutes. Without medical care, recovery requires three days rest. (ibid.)

Note that the Little Black Books are all essentially CT 2.0; The Traveller Book is 2.1, and the Starter Traveller boxed set is 2.2. Both TTB and ST agree that minor wounds don't heal any loss until either treated or naturally healed.

That said, many consider the minor wounds to be moved to the midway point a the same point as unconsciousness - which would be 10 minutes.


One characteristic reduced to zero results in unconsciousness for ten minutes. Upon recovery of consciousness, any wounded characteristics are placed midway between their wounded and full levels; round fractions down. (ibid.)

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