Does killing a minion trigger abilities and feats that work when someone bloodies a creature?


Markings of the PredatorDDI
Prerequisite: Goliath, any primal class
Benefit: When you bloody a creature, you gain a +1 bonus to all defenses until the end of your next turn.
Published in Primal Power, page(s) 140.

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Not only don't minions trigger such effects but neither does any creature that is killed while not previously bloodied.

From the Rules Compendium, pg257:

When an unbloodied creature is killed outright, the creature does not become bloodied in the process. It is just dead. This rule means a minion ... is bloodied only if an attacker reduces the minion to 0 hit points but knocks it unconscious ... instead of killing it.


I would rule this one as a No.

From DDI - Minions: A minion is destroyed when it takes any damage. If a minion is missed by an attack that deals damage on a miss, the minion doesn’t take that damage.

I take this to mean that a minion can not be bloodied in the normal sense, since it either is at full HP or it is dead. A dead opponent is not considered bloodied for rules purposes so, I would rule this one, a no.

As a followup and side note; check out this link on Dying and Bloodied. Since Dying is not dead this group has indicated, and I agree, that a dying character is still considered bloodied. There seems to be a strong distinction between Dead and Dying were bloodied is concerned.

Dungeon masters take note: Creatures with enhanced powers on bloodied character status can still get them with dying characters.


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