My level 5 alchemist got a Headband of Aerial Agility +2. The description of the item says:

The wearer of a headband of aerial agility +2 treats his caster level as if it were one level higher when casting spells or creating extracts that grant flight.

Furthermore he has added the Fly spell into his formula book by learning from a Fly scroll.

Is it correct, that he can now create a Fly extract with the help of the headband and really fly around although he would not be able to create level 3 extracts?


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The headband of aerial agility will not allow you access to spells any earlier than you would normally have access to them.

What the item will do is allow you to remain flying longer once you can create a fly extract

For example, a level 7 alchemist who creates the fly extract can fly for 1 min./level (therefore 7 minutes). When wearing the headband, that alchemist is considered level 8 for effects relating to caster level regarding the spell fly. In this case, that means flying for 8 minutes instead of 7.


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