I am reading a lot of xianxia light novels nowadays. A description of xianxia can be found here. I am including relevant parts below also.

As for Xianxia, the characters forming it are ‘Xian’ and ‘Xia’, which literally means ‘immortal hero’. Xianxia is a newer genre and is essentially a ‘fantasy-fied’ version of Wuxia, with magic, demons, immortals, people who can fly, etc. The biggest contributor to the Xianxia genre is actually not martial arts; rather, it is ‘Taoism’, which is a major part of Chinese history. Taoism is both a philosophical way of life as well as an actual religion. Religious Taoism is often blurred together with Chinese folk mythologies, and is chock-full of stories about demons, ghosts, and people learning how to become immortals through meditation/understanding the ways of heaven, and flying in the air and casting powerful magic spells.

Basically in this novels people level up. Those who can level up called as cultivators and very different from mortals. They have different names for levels but most of the time it is same. When you gain levels, you power up. For example one of the popular novels I shall seal the heavens have following level descriptions. Other novels may have different names for levels but idea remains same.

Level Descriptions

  • Qi Condensation (ningqi) – Nine levels (in modern times); Thirteen levels (in ancient times)
  • Foundation Establishment (zhuji) – Perfect (not seen since ancient times), Flawless (considered the best in modern times), Cracked, Fractured
  • Core Formation (jiedan) Purple, Crimson, Mottled Nascent Soul (yuanying)
  • Spirit Severing (zhanling)
  • Seeking the Dao (wendao)
  • Immortal Ascension (chengxian)

Difference between normal D&D and Xianxia is that there exist very LARGE gap between these levels for example any Foundation Establishment cultivator can deal with large number of Qi Condensation cultivators.

There are also a lot of items which are similar to D&D, for example Bag of Holding. What I wonder is:

Are there any role playing games that specifically claim to cover the xianxia genre?

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