How many spell slots does a character get, and how do you calculate that if there's a calculation involved? I've been looking everywhere for this, but can't find it.

I started playing just about a month ago and I've had to make about 2 character sheets for my friends already (Human Fighter and a Wood-Elf Ranger) and now I'm making myself a Cleric of Life but can't figure out how many spell slots I have.

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Spell Slots

To figure out how many spell slots, simply go to the class table.
For the cleric: the table is found at the top of pg.57 PHB. It shows that a 1st level cleric has 2 1st level spell slots.

Each class has a similar table that is usually found in the first few pages of a particular class section.

Spell Casting

To get more insight into a particular class spellcasting abilities read the section on Spellcasting for that class.
For instance the Spellcasting section(pg.58) of the cleric states that the cleric can prepare as many spells as his Lvl + WIS mod.


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