"Righteous Challenge: Demons and Devils marked by your Divine Challenge/Sanction take a -2 penalty to all attack rolls"

Divine Challenge/Sanction already impose a -2 attack penalty to attacks that don't target you. Would this feat mean that marked devils/demons suffer a -4 penalty to hit your allies (and not you) and a -2 to hit you?


Yes, the penalties stack.

  1. Bonuses and penalties of the same type do not stack.
  2. Untyped bonuses and penalties from the same source do not stack.

Divine Challenge/Sanction gives an untyped -2 penalty on attack rolls for attacks that do not include you. Righteous Challenge gives an untyped -2 penalty on attack rolls by targets marked by your DC/DS. Both bonuses are untyped, and are from a different sources (-2 from DC/DS, and -2 from RC).

Note that they stack explicitly because the feat applies a penalty to foes you marked with DC/DS; if it instead said that your DC/DS gives demons/devils -2 on all attacks then the feat would be changing how DC/DS work, rather than applying an additional penalty.

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